c The Flogging Of Lady Constance | Spanking For Pleasure

Lady Constance (Sophie Fennington) stands to inherit her late father’s vast wealth but there is a shock in store when she discovers that there is a condition to satisfy before she can be granted the estate. She has been spoiled in her short life and has desired for nothing and this has been reflected in her surly behaviour. Feeling that perhaps she had become spoiled her father left instructions that she should be beaten like a common maid about the naked buttocks with a rattan cane and leather strap. This task is to be carried out by Basil Harcourt the family lawyer. Although horrified at the prospect she reluctantly agrees and soon her milky white buttocks turn a fiery red from Harcourt’s determined thrashing! Remastered and re-edited special edition.

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RUN TIME: 25mins



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