c Spanking The Maid – Deluxe Edition | Spanking For Pleasure

Millionaire philanthropist and accomplished pervert Lionel Truscott has secretly been lusting after his new maid Lucy. He has been fantasising about spanking her bottom but she is so impeccably behaved he can’t find a good reason. He decides to call in a favour from a friend at a shadowy security organisation who discovers that she used to supplement her income at a sleazy massage parlour. Armed with this knowledge he confronts Lucy who reluctantly agrees to be punished for concealing her sordid past. Lionel’s cunning plan has worked and he lustily spanks her and then whips her with a hastily made birch! Elsewhere in Lionel’s country pile his bumptious nephew Tarquin has trumped up charges against three of the other maids in order to his own disciplinary desires. Remastered and re-edited special edition.

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RUN TIME: 55mins



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