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College Classics 2

SYNOPSIS: An ex student returns to see her Headmaster and plead with him not to expel her sister. In a rather bizarre agreement she offers to take a caning on her behalf instead! Elsewhere a student fakes an injury to avoid PE however Matron is on to her little game....

College Classics 1

SYNOPSIS: Two students are caught with cigarettes and they also make a habit of skipping PE. Their form master decides that they need fitness training and discipline. They find themselves over his knee for bare bottomed spankings and nude PT! The first in the College...

Finishing School Discipline 2

SYNOPSIS: Basil Sterling returns as the cane wielding Headmaster in this Paradox classic. Amy Watson has been caught cheating in a cookery theory exam and faces corporal punishment. Basil is furious at this act of wanton dishonesty. Grangethorpe Finishing School has a...

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Punishment Squad

SYNOPSIS: Two girls are short of money so they attempt to stage a burglary at their apartment and make a fraudulent insurance claim. However their plans are thwarted by two detectives who see through their little charade and decide to administer some instant justice!...

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Punishment PT

SYNOPSIS: Troublemakers Johnson and Fawcett have been sent to see Mr Adams, the PE instructor for extra PT. The girls have been previously warned what to expect and are justifiably nervous as they wait outside his office. Fawcett rather fancies dishy Mr Adams but soon...

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Miss Bainbridge

SYNOPSIS: Mr Grimes and his assistant Miss Bainbridge have their work cut out controlling a pair of tearaways. Kylie is a streetwise pot smoker who manages to corrupt her more innocent friend Susan with her wanton ways. When they are caught by Miss Bainbridge smoking...

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Lisa Must Be Caned

SYNOPSIS: Tennis prospect Lisa (Sophie Fennington) has not been pulling her weight so it's left to Uncle Brian to discipline the girl in order to get her back on track Keen table tennis player Brian uses his bat to good effect on the hapless girl's bare bottom and...

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French Lessons

SYNOPSIS: At a London finishing school two French girls have been caught with an adult video. Miss Mountshaft takes a stern view of this sort of thing and decides that as the video contained scenes of corporal punishment the pair should discover what that experience...

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Dr Zubatski’s Treatment

SYNOPSIS: Gina Knight is happily married to Roger but some of her behaviour is giving him cause for concern. Instead of housework she seems to prefer drinking gin and indulging in sexual fantasises. Roger sends her to see the noted psychiatrist Dr Ernst Zubatski who...

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College Classics 8

SYNOPSIS: Board Of Governors inspector Mr Eric Hill visits the Headmaster to see how he deals with disciplinary matters after reports of an increase in unruly behaviour. The Head is keen to impress and soon Mr Hill witnesses some good old fashioned English discipline...

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College Classics 3

SYNOPSIS: Headmaster Percy Simpkins is at his wits end with two trouble making students. He resolves to discipline them both harshly for their own benefit. They find themselves over his knee and then bent over the dining hall table for a memnorbale caning. Vida Garman...

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Canings And Cold Showers

SYNOPSIS: Flight Officer Fennington is attending a medical to assess her suitability to join an elite unit. One of the criteria she must meet is the ability to withstand interrogation. Captain Graves has a novel method of testing an applicants ability to withstand...

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Black Marks

SYNOPSIS: Millionaire philanthropist James Lawrenson has generously allowed the daughters of one of his business associates to stay with him at his luxury country home. But this is to be no holiday for they must work for their board and lodging and Lawrenson runs a...

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A Mutual Agreement

SYNOPSIS: Samantha Simms is behind with her rent and her landlord Mr Reginald Blashford is knocking at her door. She is unable to pay her arrears so Blashford makes her an offer she finds hard to refuse. He will let her off but she will have to bare her extremely...

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