A nurse has been reported to Dr.Stenson for inappropriate behaviour. She was seen committing an indecent act with a patient whilst bathing him. Stenson takes a dim view of such behaviour and the nurse admits that she deserves to be disciplined but she has no idea what sanction will be imposed. To her horror she is to be punished physically! Stenson doesn’t like to lose a good nurse so he punishes her himself using his hand and a swishy cane he keeps for the purpose. The nurse leaves his office thoroughly chastened and unlikely to indulge in such wanton behaviour again. Also outside Stenson’s office waits a student who attempts to deceive him into providing her with a sick note. After taking her temperature in a surprisingly intimate area she realises that her game is up. She leaves with no sick note But a very sore bottom indeed.

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RUN TIME: 40 mins



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