Amelia Constance Partridge is a successful lawyer and former head girl at the elite St.Beryl’s School for Girls. However for many years she has held a guilty secret


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Confession 2017

SYNOPSIS: Amelia Constance Partridge is a successful lawyer and former head girl at the elite St.Beryl’s School for Girls. However for many years she has held a guilty secret which has played on her mind . Back in her school days she was involved in the illegal making...
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Tracey Needs Discipline

SYNOPSIS: Tracey has been expelled from finishing school much to the disgust of her parents. It is left to Charles Pelham to act in loco parentis and discipline the girl. She has been a persistent trouble maker and now as a last resort it is decided that she must be...
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The Reformation

SYNOPSIS: Father Pinkerton is on the warpath and the focus of his wrath is a local prostitute who blasphemously calls herself Madonna. He challenges the girl to cease her seedy activities and seek salvation but his exhortation to repentance is met with bold defiance....
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The Lovers Of Discipline

SYNOPSIS: Charles Buchanan and his beautiful new wife have to deal with the truculent Clarissa and her friend who have been caught with illicit substances. Kate has always disliked the girls and decides that their bare bottoms should be soundly smacked. Kate has...

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The Flogging Of Lady Constance

SYNOPSIS: Lady Constance (Sophie Fennington) stands to inherit her late father's vast wealth but there is a shock in store when she discovers that there is a condition to satisfy before she can be granted the estate. She has been spoiled in her short life and has...

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The Caning Machine

SYNOPSIS: At an austere educational establishment deep in the English countryside, discipline is upheld in traditional fashion by the Headmaster Brigadier Hodelius Urquhart-Norton who has invented a caning machine. The contraption is so terrifying that it's mere...

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Spanking The Teacher

SYNOPSIS: When Derek Wagstaff discovers that his daughter was unjustly punished by Miss Armstrong he is furious. So much so that he visits her at home to confront her. Such punishment is not allowed to be administered and Miss Armstrong knows it. Wagstaff decides to...

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Spanking The Maid – Deluxe Edition

SYNOPSIS: Millionaire philanthropist and accomplished pervert Lionel Truscott has secretly been lusting after his new maid Lucy. He has been fantasising about spanking her bottom but she is so impeccably behaved he can't find a good reason. He decides to call in a...

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Sisters Of Repentance

SYNOPSIS: Father Maloney visits a convent to deal with two nuns who have been caught indulging in a forbidden sexual act. With the help of the mother superior the whip wielding father ensures that their impure thoughts are banished and their naked bottoms are whipped...

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Salon CP

SYNOPSIS: German student Gabrielle is training to become a hairdresser at Hair by Phillip an upmarket salon. When she carelessly spills hot coffee over one of Phillip's most important clients, the dashing barrister Dick Tremayne, she faces dismissal. Phillip and Dick...

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Punishment Ward

SYNOPSIS: Dr Hilary Warburton runs a busy ward at a London hospital. She has no truck with sloppy poorly organised young nurses who flout the rules. Two such girls are brought before her and they soon find out that the rumours are true namely that Dr Warburton really...

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Punishment Squad

SYNOPSIS: Two girls are short of money so they attempt to stage a burglary at their apartment and make a fraudulent insurance claim. However their plans are thwarted by two detectives who see through their little charade and decide to administer some instant justice!...

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Punishment PT

SYNOPSIS: Troublemakers Johnson and Fawcett have been sent to see Mr Adams, the PE instructor for extra PT. The girls have been previously warned what to expect and are justifiably nervous as they wait outside his office. Fawcett rather fancies dishy Mr Adams but soon...

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Miss Bainbridge

SYNOPSIS: Mr Grimes and his assistant Miss Bainbridge have their work cut out controlling a pair of tearaways. Kylie is a streetwise pot smoker who manages to corrupt her more innocent friend Susan with her wanton ways. When they are caught by Miss Bainbridge smoking...

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Lisa Must Be Caned

SYNOPSIS: Tennis prospect Lisa (Sophie Fennington) has not been pulling her weight so it's left to Uncle Brian to discipline the girl in order to get her back on track Keen table tennis player Brian uses his bat to good effect on the hapless girl's bare bottom and...

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