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Fessée Magazine - 11 PDF Downloads

Fessée was conceived by the SFP production partnership in 1989 and they were lucky enough to obtain the services of Lynn Paula Russell to co-edit and provide illustrations for the magazine. The publishers were great admirers of her  work for Janus and were delighted to have her on board... Read more...


Young Lady Constance (Sophie Fennington) is due to inherit a vast county estate but there is one person standing in her way, Basil Harcourt the family lawyer. It appears that her father left a unusual stipulation in his last will and testament. She has been spoiled and has desired for nothing and this has been reflected in her lamentable behaviour. Now feeling that perhaps he was too soft with her he has decreed she the must be thrashed like a common maid before she can inherit and Basil is the man to administer the flogging! Her milky white buttocks turn a blushing red and are soon quivering with fear at the prospect of a caning!


Lisa (Sophie Fennington) has been getting bad reports from her tennis coach and it’s up to stern Uncle Brian to instil some discipline into the cheeky young Wimbledon prospect. She has been spotted in the local park smoking cigarettes and flashing her knickers at passing motorists. More interested in reading Smash Hits than improving her backhand slice, Lisa is about to find out that there is a very painful price to be paid for these shenanigans. Brian has been given full authority to discipline the girl using tried and trusted methods and hopes that this one off punishment will result Lisa applying herself fully to her chosen sport. Newly edited and remastered.



At St.Luke’s, an austere educational establishment for unclaimed girls, discipline is rigorously maintained using corporal punishment. Featured here are all eight of these classic SFP movies which are currently undergoing a restoration process exclusive to this site.



A young student nurse has been reported for poor behaviour and a serious breach of medical ethics. Whilst giving a particularly handsome male patient a bed bath she was caught providing him with sexual relief! She is brought to the door of Dr.Stenson who is in charge of disciplinary matters. Stenson is unusually fond of disciplining student nurses and Nurse Vordeman agrees that her actions were disgraceful and accepts that she must be punished although slightly taken aback by just what that punishment would entail! Stenson also has to deal with a student who attempts to deviously obtain a sick note and ends up over his knee!  Newly edited and improved version.



Amy has been caught cheating and is summoned to the study of firebrand Headmaster Basil Sterling. She must face the dire consequences of this brazen example of dishonesty. Basil duly records the details in the punishment book. A spanking followed by a stinging encounter with the cane is prescribed and administered by the irate Sterling. Persistent troublemakers Philip Thompson and Katy Pringle-Paterson also find themselves in hot water after being reported for a catalogue of misdemeanours. They will be leaving the study clutching their behinds as Basil upholds Grangethrorpe’s long tradition of the liberal use of corporal punishment. This is a newly edited, enhanced and improved version exclusive to this site.



Flight Officer Fennington has nearly qualified to join Department S, an elite division of the armed forces. However, one last test stands in her way. She arrives at a military base for a meeting with Group Captain Graves who uses unconventional methods to test the mettle of those wishing to join his unit. Graves considers Fennington to be somewhat over confident and so devises a rather novel test which will either make or break her. This is a newly restored and improved version.



40 minutes of unseen footage and out-takes.



At a grim Correctional Facility deep in the English countryside, female inmates are disciplined using Corporal Punishment, especially the cane.  Thrashings are administered by a beautiful but merciless Correctional Administrator who inflicts nude humiliation and caning with great relish.  Originally filmed in 1999 depicting a futuristic 2011 this video has been remastered and re-edited distilling it  from its original 90 minutes to 32 minutes of pure action. A Paradox Production.


Sophie and Lucille are in trouble after being discovered with a smutty adult video. Miss Mountshaft takes a very dim view of this sort of thing but  nevertheless is inspired by one scene in the movie in which a girl is spanked hard on her bare bottom. Mountshaft decides that if they enjoy watching this sort of thing then they can jolly well discover what it feels like. It’s Waterloo all over again for the French students as with scant regard to the Entente Cordiale, Miss Mountshaft punishes the naked students using her hand, a slipper, a heavy leather flogger and finally an English caning!  This is a newly remastered and re-edited version.


Millionaire philanthropist and accomplished pervert Lionel Truscott has been secretly lusting after his new maid Lucy. He fantasises about spanking her virginal young bottom but she is so impeccably well behaved that he can’t find a good reason. He decides to call in a favour from a friend who has connections at a shadowy security organisation known as “The Bureau”. They discover that she used to supplement her income by working at a sleazy massage parlour. Armed with this knowledge he confronts Lucy who agrees to be disciplined for not coming clean about her sordid past. Lionel’s cunning plan has worked and he spanks her bare bottom robustly and then whips her with a hastily made birch! Elsewhere in Lionel’s country pile, his bumptious nephew Tarquin has trumped up some charges against three other maids in order to have his wicked way with them. This is a completely new re-edited and remastered version with improved picture quality, superfluous dialogue removed and previously deleted scenes added as a bonus making this the definitive version of the Paradox Classic.


At a strict finishing school in the Swiss Alps, Antonia is sent to the Headmaster’s study as she has been seen smoking. As she waits nervously, her stomach is churning as she knows that she may face corporal punishment. She is told to report back at precisely 9pm whereupon the Head intends to bend her over and administer a caning. To insure that there will be no further transgressions, Antonia’s quivering bottom is also subjected to a several strokes of a tawse and spanked vigorously with a leather paddle which will hopefully cure her of her taste for the evil weed.  This Paradox Production pays homage to The Disciplinarian, the classic Janus video and was shot at the same location. This is a newly edited and improved version.


Behind the walls of a convent there lies a hot bed of unbridled sin. Father Maloney has arrived to deal with Katerina and Sarah who have been caught naked together  in the grounds, their bodies entwined in a lusty embrace. It is decided that the sex crazed pair must face chastisement or be expelled from the order. Katerina must confess her sins to the whip wielding Father and face a thrashing on her naked and sinful buttocks. Sarah is dealt with by the wicked Mother Superior who uses her riding crop mercilessly to whip her into repentance. This is a newly remastered and re-edited special edition of this SFP classic.


When top tennis coach Brian Rose injures his calf muscle he cannot afford to be sidelined for long as Wimbledon fortnight is fast approaching. He pays for private medical treatment  in the shape of a visiting therapist.  When she turns up late for his appointment Brian is furious. He informs her agency that he will take disciplinary action himself if necessary. When she eventually arrives the therapist is magnetically attracted to the athletically handsome  Brian and submits to a sexually charged spanking and caning session!  An SFP Production.



After dropping out of university Tracey is sent to a strict Finishing School by her wealthy parents however she is soon expelled for persistent misconduct. Acting in loco parentis it is down to her Godfather, wealthy businessman Charles Pelham, to guide the girl back on to the right path. It is suggested to him that perhaps some more tradition methods might be employed to bring the insolent girl back down to earth. Tracey is horrified at this prospect but reluctantly agrees. Charles takes pride in his work and this job is no exception. He ruthlessly spanks the girl and gives her a caning that will hopefully be her first and last!  This is a newly edited and enhanced version exclusive to this site.


Jenkins and Saunders are supposed to be helping prepare for the annual tea party however they use the opportunity to lark about and cause trouble. Headmaster Percy Simpkins does not see the funny side and decides that instant punishment should be administered. The two girls and given firm spankings by the outraged Simpkins and then bent over the dining table and given a ceremonial St.Lukes caning. This is a newly edited and improved version of the classic SFP video featuring 1980’s sex siren Vida Garman.



Gabrielle has an attitude problem, and when she lands a job as a hairdressers' apprentice this soon becomes apparent to Phillip Woodward, the Salon manager.  Josephs is a top salon with a long list of distinguished clients. These include the renowned dashing young barrister Dick Tremayne. Phillip and Dick are firm friends having met in London's  infamous Janus shop. They share similar interests and ideas, especially on how to deal with insolent girls.  Matters at the Salon come to a head when Gabrielle makes a complete hash of washing Dick's hair and even managing  to spill coffee down his trousers! In another disgraceful incident she slaps the face of property magnate and ladies man Lance Morgan accusing him of fondling her bottom. Phillip and Dick hatch a plan and Gabrielle is kept back after the other staff have gone home. Her worst fears are about to be realised. She is to be punished and in no uncertain fashion either! An SFP Production.


When Derek Wagstaff discovers that his daughter has been caned at College by her tutor, Miss Armstrong, he takes the law into his own hands. He visits her at home to confront her. Corporal Punishment has long been outlawed, so the irate Wagstaff seizes his chance. He issues her with an ultimatum. He will inform the Board Of Governors of her methods, which will result in her dismissal, or she must accept of does of her own painful medicine!  A Paradox Production.



Nursing staff at a London Hospital live in fear of the dreaded  Dr.Valerie Warburton. For they know that if they fail to live up to her exacting standards they will face the most dire consequences. When two young student nurses are reported for persistent misconduct there can be only one prescription- Corporal Punishment!  The unfortunate duo are spanked, paddled, whipped and caned on their bare behinds.  A Paradox Production.


Penny has been sent to spend a few days with her mentor, millionaire philanthropist James Lawrenson. Disobedient Penny constantly teases Mr Lawrenson who is at the end of his tether with this insolent Liverpudlian. When she finds his stash of spanking videos and demands to see one, a line has finally been crossed. Instead of showing her one of these videos Lawrenson decides to stage a live performance and Penny finds herself over his knee for a sound spanking. She now starts to regret her provocative behaviour as her silky buttocks are subjected to a thoroughly beastly caning.


Clive Snell, self-styled anti smut crusader delves into Norbiton’s seedy underbelly to clamp down on massage parlours. To do this he dons a dog collar and becomes his alter ago Father Pinkerton. Posing as a crusading firebrand he bursts into one such establishment and confronts a young scantily clad masseuse and threatens the girl with the Police, the social services and eternal damnation unless she mends her ways. She often whips her clients for a hefty fee but now finds herself on the receiving end as her naked body is anointed with oil and her wanton flesh is scourged until she promises to reform.


Charles Buchanan and his beautiful new wife Kate are forced to resort to disciplinary measures when Clarissa and Chloe are expelled from their exclusive finishing school for possession of drugs. Kate despises the truculent and tarty Clarissa and has long looked forward to punishing her soundly. Despite protestations Clarissa is soundly spanked on her bare bottom in front of Chloe who in turn has to face a caning. The girls suspect that Kate enjoys inflicting these punishments and with good reason. Later Charles and Kate are joined by Sara, who Kate regularly meets for sessions of sado-masochistic pleasure. The two women put on a show for the drooling Charles before retiring to the privacy of Kate's bedroom.  A Fennington Films/SFP Production.



Grangethorpe Finishing School has a fine reputation and any student who threatens it finds herself in Basil Sterling’s punishment book. Featured here are the four full length movies from Paradox. French Mistress Miss Dupont is exasperated with one student and gives her a bare bottom slippering. Assistant Head summons a persistent troublemaker for a caning to remember. Two girls have to perform nude PT before having their bottoms thrashed by Miss Killjoy. The Headmaster has his hands full instilling much needed discipline into three girls on report. Altogether seven girls names are entered in Basil’s punishment book of shame.


Four young girls at an institution for criminal and socially undesirable females are brought before a visiting governor for their part in a riot. The charges are read out and there is only one course of action available. Corporal punishment has been re-introduced. Spanking and strapping will be administered to the bare bottoms of girls who do not conform. The girls accept their punishment stoically despite the humiliation of the circumstances. The governor performs his task with great aplomb and the girls are unlikely to re-offend.



Students Morgan and Langton have been placed in detention for persistent disruptive behaviour. Stenson has been placed in charge much to his annoyance. When the girls start to misbehave again he resorts to his favourite method to restore class discipline…Corporal Punishment! He decides that writing lines is never going to reform these girls but a good thrashing might. Inspired by his literary Hero Sir Harry Paget Flashman, Stenson soon gets to grips with the situation and both girls are bent over and spanked on their bare behinds. Cavalierly disregarding their protests he proceeds to flog them with his weapon of choice, the cane! Meanwhile, the Headmaster summons Stenson to his study to discuss his over zealous use of corporal punishment. His warning falls on deaf ears as once more unto the breach he goes cane in hand to confront a girl caught vandalising college property. When the Head finds Stenson caning the naked girl in his study he decides that the least he can do is to offer some tips on how to cane crisply and efficiently!



Mr Stenson has cause to deal with a student who has failed to write her lines on time.  Having given her this soft option as a punishment he feels he now has no alternative but to administer corporal punishment. He bends her over his knee for a spanking. For reasons best known to himself he makes her strip and wear a black leotard whereupon he paddles her naked behind before thrashing her with a whippy cane. Elsewhere Mr Cobbold is irritated by a South African student who has been caught cheating in an exam. Cobbold decides that punitive exercise followed by a crisp thrashing will help instil some British values.


Samantha Simms is a pretty young South African nurse who falls behind with the rent on her fashionable London apartment.  Her pervy landlord, Reggie Blashford, takes advantage of Samantha's plight and offers a rent reduction if she agrees to have her beautiful bare bottom spanked and caned. Samantha agrees to this and Reggie  excitedly fetches his bag of equipment from the boot of his trusty Rover.  Miss Simms tolerates his groping hands on her tender soft bottom and even agrees to dress up in her old school uniform for a firm caning. Samantha secretly enjoys the punishment and delights in being able to pay her rent in this manner.  After all this is a mutual agreement. An SFP Production.


Dave and Cindy's marriage has not improved since the last time we met this charming couple. The problems mainly arise from Cindy's complete inability to cook. Exasperated Dave blows his top when confronted with his wife's "Special Chicken" a dish so repellent that Dave reaches for the heart shaped spanking paddle that he recently purchased for Cindy in anticipation of this situation developing again. Dave loves his wife dearly but that does not stop him from administering a blistering spanking followed by a memorable caning. Cindy accepts her punishment with good grace and will be enrolling on a cookery course first thing in the morning.




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