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Welcome to the official home of SFP Video and Paradox Adult Filmed Entertainment. Spanking for Pleasure have been producing high quality spanking videos for the discerning aficionado since 1983. This site features the very best of those videos from the 1980's up to the more recent Paradox productions including exclusive deluxe editions. 



Three classic SFP movies featuring a variety of situations in which the rod of correction is employed to good effect. From a wealthy German industrialist who employs a professional disciplinarian to chastise his surly English wife to a kinky military officer who relishes punishing three girls on their naked bottoms for hiding a transmitter!



Highly respected horse trainer Major Hugh Bentley-Warburton is not amused when one of his stable girls ignores strict instructions not to over exert one of his prized stallions before an important race, not only that but she uses her riding crop on the horse. Angered by this flagrant disobedience Bentley-Warburton decides that for her own benefit she must now feel what it is like to be similarly thrashed!



Young Lady Constance (Sophie Fennington) is due to inherit a vast county estate but there is one person standing in her way, Basil Harcourt the family lawyer. It appears that her father left a unusual stipulation in his last will and testament. She has been spoiled and has desired for nothing and this has been reflected in her lamentable behaviour. Now feeling that perhaps he was too soft with her he has decreed she the must be thrashed like a common maid before she can inherit and Basil is the man to administer the flogging! Her milky white buttocks turn a blushing red and are soon quivering with fear at the prospect of a caning!



Millionaire philanthropist and accomplished pervert Lionel Truscott has been secretly lusting after his new maid Lucy. He fantasises about spanking her shapely bottom but she is so impeccably well behaved that he can’t find a good reason. He decides to call in a favour from a friend who has connections at a shadowy security organisation known as The Bureau. They discover that she used to supplement her income by working at a sleazy massage parlour. Armed with this knowledge he confronts Lucy who agrees to be disciplined for not coming clean about her sordid past. Lionel’s cunning plan has worked and he spanks her bare bottom robustly and then whips her with a hastily made birch! Elsewhere in Lionel’s country pile, his bumptious nephew Tarquin has trumped up some charges against three other maids in order to have his wicked way with them. This is a completely new re-edited and remastered version with improved picture quality, superfluous dialogue removed and previously deleted scenes added as a bonus making this the definitive version of a Paradox Classic.



At a strict finishing school in the Swiss Alps, Antonia is sent to the Headmaster’s study as she has been seen smoking. As she waits nervously, her stomach is churning as she knows that she may face corporal punishment. She is told to report back at precisely 9pm whereupon the Head intends to bend her over and administer a caning. To insure that there will be no further transgressions, Antonia’s quivering bottom is also subjected to a several strokes of a tawse and spanked vigorously with a leather paddle which will hopefully cure her of her taste for the evil weed.  This Paradox Production pays homage to The Disciplinarian, the classic Janus video and was shot at the same location. This is a newly edited and improved version.



Behind the walls of a convent there lies a hot bed of unbridled sin. Father Maloney has arrived to deal with Katerina and Sarah who have been caught naked together  in the grounds, their bodies entwined in a lusty embrace. It is decided that the sex crazed pair must face chastisement or be expelled from the order. Katerina must confess her sins to the whip wielding Father and face a thrashing on her naked and sinful buttocks. Sarah is dealt with by the wicked Mother Superior who uses her riding crop mercilessly to whip her into repentance. This is a newly remastered and re-edited special edition of this SFP classic.


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